$7 million for biological databases and informatics

The National Science Foundation’s Biological Databases and Informatics program seeks to support research that enables investigators to manage and make use of biological data and information for the discovery of new knowledge and the advancement of the field of biology. The program supports a range of activities along a continuum, from the formative, theoretical development of new algorithms, data structures, and tools specific to the management of biological information, through the development of new information resources, to the enhancement of established resources needed by whole communities of biological researchers. The highest priority of the BD&I program is on supporting proposals that address the formative stages of this continuum. Examples include theoretical research on data structures; new database architectures more tuned to the complexity of biology; planning and prototype development of new types of biological data- or knowledge-bases; and the design of easy-to-use interfaces and tools for data input, manipulation, analysis, and extraction. Any proposal that is designed to meet the goals of the program will be considered. The program especially encourages imaginative and novel proposals to develop research tools and resources that will help open up a completely new way of managing and utilizing huge amounts and disparate kinds of biological information. The BD&I program seeks to encourage activities that are designed to promote greater interactions between the computational sciences and biology.

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