Fiscal Responsibility 101: Lessons from the Federal Reserve

At a time when the nation’s students are graduating college and, in some cases, high school while buried under mounting credit-card debt, the Federal Reserve has launched a newly redesigned web site intended to help teach greater fiscal responsibility among school-age children. For younger students, the enhanced site features a variety of online games and puzzles meant to stress the importance of smart spending. Older students are invited to take part in several role-playing scenarios that encourage them to consider what it’s like to be a bank examiner or even sit in on a meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as he works with the Federal Open Market Committee to set interest rates. The site also contains a specially engineered search engine designed to guide educators in finding materials to help increase students’ understanding of economics. A personal finance section aims to encourage more informed decisions on such topics as consumer banking, buying a home and getting a mortgage, interest rates, loans and credit, and more.

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