The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has made several additions to its free Teacher-to-Teacher (T2T) online, on-demand training web site. After launching its initial program last October with a small collection of teacher-led training videos centered on such core subject areas as math, science, reading, and language arts (see “ED unveils training web site“), department officials have sought to complement the existing videos by adding several new features, including “American Stars of Teaching,” a look at educators helping to further the goals of the federal No Child Left Behind Act; “Teacher Updates,” electronic updates from the department; “Toolkit for Teachers,” a list of resources intended to help educators meet the law’s requirements for highly qualified teachers; and “State and Local Initiatives,” an examination of innovative state and local efforts to improve education in communities across the country. Recently added instructional topics include “NCLB Basics for Teachers and Principals,” “Turning Data into Information,” and “Differentiated Instruction,” among others. ED’s professional development web site also supports teachers through workshops and periodic eMail updates.