Thanks to the explosion of multimedia resources and communication tools in today’s schools and homes, young people now–more than ever before–are exposed to the hardships and tragedies faced by distant cultures around the globe. To help students understand the context behind these historic and often distant struggles, Project Concern International, a nonprofit health and development organization, has launched a new online program called “Helping Hands of Project Concern International.” Created in partnership with ePALS Classroom Exchange with technology developed by Ellja Partners, the web site uses online community-building and educational tools to connect students with their peers around the globe. The goal: to empower U.S. students to make a positive impact on the lives of other children and families in need. Members of Helping Hands who are under 18 can join or start a group with an adult and are given monitored eMail accounts and participation in worldwide discussion forums, innovative learning projects, and international pen-pal programs with kids from 191 countries. For teachers, club leaders, and parents, the site also offers eMail exchanges and forum postings designed to engage students in the virtual environment.