From the nonprofit Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) comes a web site dedicated to helping schools and other institutions harness the power of videoconferencing as an instructional tool. Through the center’s Vision Athena database–a searchable archive containing hundreds of videoconferencing activities, online lessons, workshops, and special virtual field trips–students and teachers can access educational content from universities, libraries, museums, hospitals, and other community-based organizations. Each program is accompanied by additional planning and instructional resources, including an outline of the disciplines addressed during the conference; a list of student learning objectives highlighted; related vocabulary words and definitions; a breakdown of the national and state educational standards to which each program applies; a list of participants; pre- and post-program activity suggestions for educators or conference leaders; and supplemental resources, including suggested reading lists and web sites. Monthly conferences include such seasonal subjects as Black History Month, Earth Day, Women’s History Month, and more. Other videoconferencing and distance-education opportunities have included lessons in Ancient Egyptian history and a live chat with Senator Richard Lugar on terrorism and the war in Iraq. Access to CILC content requires free registration.