Key organizations and leading companies that support the eSchool movement

(800) 328-4239
See CDW-G’s ad on pages 2 and 3

Dell Inc.
(800) WWW-DELL
See Dell’s ads on pages 15 and the back cover

Hewlett-Packard Co. North America
(800) 88-TEACH
See HP’s ad on page 7

Intel Corp.
(800) 628-8686
See Intel’s ad on page 31

Motion Computing Inc.
(866) 682-2538
See the ad for Motion Computing on page 25

MPC Computers LLC
(888) 224-4247
See the ad for MPC Computers on page 23

St. Bernard Software
(800) 782-3762
See the ad for St. Bernard Software on pages 10 and 11

Samsung Corp.
See the Samsung ad on page 5

SBC Communications Inc.
(800) 499-7928
See the ad for SBC on page 9

Software Shelf International Inc.
(800) 962.2290
See Software Shelf’s ad on page 12

Troxell Communications Inc.
(800) 578-8858
See the ad for Troxell Communications on page 14

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Dell Inc.
(800) WWW-DELL

(800) 947-3566

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) North America
(800) 88-TEACH

TechSmith Corp.
(888) 750-0685

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