The Edward E. Ford Foundation awards grants annually to independent high schools that are active members of the National Association of Independent Schools. Most grants are worth $50,000 or less, and every grant is expected to have a matching component (at least one-to-one) with the extent of the match being an appropriate challenge for the particular school. The foundation has agreed to consider some grants as large as $100,000 to be able to participate more substantially in projects that are particularly imaginative and likely to be of broad benefit to independent schools. The foundation’s board meets three times a year to consider proposals: November, April, and June. Deadlines for submitting proposals are Sept.15, Feb. 1, and April 1, respectively. The head of school should meet with the foundation’s executive director at his office before the proposal is consider by the board. Applicants are encouraged to contact the office directly by phone to get a full understanding of the application guidelines.

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