Visual Communicator Studio helps Brevard County Public Schools work “among the stars”

The students research the topics with their teams, checking and rechecking facts to ensure accuracy and completeness. They also work hard to leave their biases at the door, like good journalists should. They learn something from every part of the process.

It takes high school students less than a week to become technically competent at using the software for editing. Naturally, some take to the editing and production process more readily than others do, just as some are more comfortable than others in front of the camera. That is part of what makes Visual Communicator Studio exceptional. It generates a video production that is more polished and professional than anything they could have created on their own and it gives everyone a chance to participate.

Brighthouse Networks’ National Teacher Award winner

Following the lead of the county administration, Tucker’s high school television production classes used Visual Communicator Studio to embark on a challenge of their own. In doing so, they won a prestigious national award.

Students set out to document the struggles of the Iraqi people on the road to self government in a production titled Iraqi Elections: A New Beginning. She wanted the students to understand that the elections were not a magical cure for all the strife in the region and there was still work to do.

After breaking into groups, students thoroughly researched topics related to the history and culture of the Iraqi people. Then they made timelines of important dates and wrote scripts for each topic. Each group chose its own anchor person, presented and taped the two- to three-minute segments and then voted for the best segment of each topic. Winning segments were edited into a seamless video that lasted for ten minutes. The final result was so impressive and educational, Tucker made the video available for other classes to watch. But that is not the only positive response.

Encouraged by her school’s media specialist, Rebecca Thomasson, Tucker entered Iraqi Elections: a New Beginning in competition for the Brighthouse Networks’ National Teacher Award. This award is given to celebrate and encourage the innovative use of video technology in the classroom.

Having entered the contest for the past four years, Tucker did not have high expectations. But this year was different. This year she used Visual Communicator Studio and she won the award.

Tucker knows that her classes won the award with hard work and passion. She also knows that they would not have had a chance of winning without the use of Visual Communicator Studio.

An idea of the possibilities

Tucker is excited about winning the Brighthouse award–and the classroom grant and trip to Washington that go with it. But she is even more excited about the possibilities that she envisions for using Visual Communicator Studio in the future.

“Visual Communicator Studio allowed this process. Maybe this will give people an idea of the possibilities,” says Tucker. She knows the possibilities are as limitless as the stars.

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