Prince William Network is the award-winning distance learning arm of The Prince William County Public Schools in northern Virginia. Productions are the product of teachers and school media professionals working to provide instructional and staff development opportunities to teachers, students, parents, and administrators across the country. Broadcasting from Hylton High School, students and staff members operate a state-of-the-art television studio to bring relevant programmingincluding online field trips, professional development courses for teachers, or live performing arts programsdirectly into classrooms. Topics range from social studies and American history lessons to school safety and responsible driving, among other initiatives. While most of the resources are geared toward Virginia state learning standards, teachers and students nationwide are invited to participate in the program. According to the web site, anyone with a moveable C-Band satellite dish can participate in the program, as long as they have access to a satellite receiver, a monitor, and a VCR (if they plan to tape the programs for future use). For live programs, users also will need a telephone to call the toll-free number and talk with subject experts.