The Bamford-Lahey Children’s Foundation’s goals are to enhance the language learning of children with language disorders, to stimulate the application of technology to language assessment and intervention, and to increase understanding of how certain aspects of general health influence language learning. The foundation will fund projects that have broad implications for the learning and use of spoken language in children with developmental language disorders. It will consider making one or two grants a year through other nonprofit organizations (such as universities, hospitals, or public schools) for projects that are directly related to its immediate objectives if indirect costs are not involved. Proposals for this type of funding will only be considered for one-year projects where costs are under $20,000. Grants will be competitively reviewed twice a year, with decisions announced in winter and summer. The first step in the application process is to submit a brief Letter of Inquiry by eMail. If the proposed project is one that the foundation might consider funding, you will be asked to submit a complete application.

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