The purpose of this program is to stimulate innovative, community-based programs that employ prevention strategies to promote access to health care for children and their families nationwide–including, perhaps, the use of telemedicine and other innovative technologies to help with outreach and prevention efforts. The Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPC) funding supports direct service projects, not research projects. HTPC-General grants support the development of family-centered, community-based initiatives that plan and implement innovative and cost-effective approaches for focusing resources to promote community-defined preventive child health and developmental objectives for vulnerable children and their families, especially those with limited access to quality health services; foster/promote collaboration among community organizations, individuals, agencies, businesses, and families; involve pediatricians and other pediatric health professionals in community-based service programs; and build community and statewide partnerships among professionals in health, education, social services, government, and business to achieve self-sustaining programs to assure healthy children and families.

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