British author J.K. Rowling, creator of the wildly popular Harry Potter series, has used technology to create some additional magic on her official web site. The site, designed by Lightmaker in coordination with RNIB and Macromedia, has recently been updated to give universal access to internet users who may be disabled, deaf, or visually impaired. The updated version of Rowling’s site serves as a terrific model for how schools can make their own web sites fully accessible to stakeholders. Rowling said of her own site that it “allows me the opportunity to be able to communicate directly with as many Harry Potter fans as possible.” Among the most notable modifications are the inclusion of Macromedia Flash technology developed with the aid of seeing-impaired testers; a specially designed menu that gives users access to special accessibility features, such as a sound glossary that lets users define the meaning of vital sound clues featured throughout the site; and the ability to enlarge all of the site’s content for users with visionary problems, as well as make other customizations.