How many times have you found yourself reading an article online, only to Google the name of a person, place, or event, look at a map, or search for other information to enhance what you were reading? Recognized as a valuable learning resource by the National Institute for Literacy, among other organizations,–which recently re-launched under Awesome Stories Internet Productions–eliminates the need to search elsewhere on the web to find valuable supplemental information. Embedded within the site’s content are links that take readers to different primary-source web sites, allowing users to peruse relevant videos, manuscripts, documents, pictures, maps, artifacts, and other resources that can add to their understanding of the topic at hand. Sample topics include World War II, Literature, Space & Aviation, and Civil Rights, among others. There’s also an area within the site where visitors can make suggestions for stories they would like to see added in the future. is provided free of charge to schools and libraries, though the site charges an annual subscription fee of $19.95 for individuals.