Art thou interested in Hamlet? More than 400 years after its creation, William Shakespeare’s tale of the young Danish Prince is on full display at, which serves as an online history and encyclopedia of Hamlet interpretations. A self-noted “work in progress” that is continually updated, is part of the Modern Language Association’s New Variorum Hamlet Project. With Hamlet being one of the most often-quoted works in all of literature, details the textual and critical history of every line in the play. The entries for each line are divided into Commentary Notes (CN), Material Textual Notes (TNM), and Immaterial Textual Notes (TNI). These notes aim to help users understand new things about the play, as well as comprehend the impact it has had on critics and academics over time. Users also can search the site for lines from different editions of Hamlet, build a Shakespeare concordance, and read multiple essays that have been written about the play. These include praise and criticism of the work, visual images, rare prints, and the impact it has had in different nations worldwide.

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