In the T+L² exhibit hall, hundreds of educational technology companies were on hand to demonstrate the latest products and services for use in schools. Here’s a look at some of the innovations on display in the libraries and research category this year:

netTrekker, a customized internet search tool for K-12 schools, highlighted netTrekker d.i., a new version that reportedly can match search results to students’ individual learning needs. Created by Thinkronize Inc., netTrekker d.i. supports teachers and librarians in differentiating their instruction, helping users tap into more than 180,000 educator-selected, standards-based online resources, the company said. Specifically, company executives touted the product’s effectiveness with English Langue Learner (ELL) students. An entire section of resources is filled with ELL content to help teach English as a second language. Users are directed to sites in multiple languages, where they can use the new dictionary/translation hotkey to find the definition or translation for any word selected on a web site. Additionally, a new multicultural pavilion contains resources for teaching about the many ethnic backgrounds that compose a school community. Because netTrekker d.i. can be accessed from home, the search engine also helps involve the parents of ELL students in the learning process. “I recently saw the excitement on a child’s face when he could be included in an activity because he could read the resources in his native language on netTrekker d.i.,” said Leslie Leduc, an instructional technology specialist from Manatee, Fla. “He really felt like he was part of the class instead of feeling left out.” Nearly 6,000 schools reportedly have begun using the netTrekker d.i. search engine since it was launched Sept. 1. Educators who’d like to preview this new web search tool can contact Thinkronize for a free trial.

Sagebrush Corp., known for its suite of library automation tools, announced that its online bookstore,, now offers titles aligned with state curriculum standards in all 50 states for the core subject areas of language arts, math, social studies, and science. Within these core subject areas, state standards alignments are offered for both nonfiction and fiction, providing educators with a broader selection of titles to use in their classrooms and lesson plans. By aligning titles with state curriculum standards, Sagebrush aims to reinforce the library’s role in the instructional planning process, the company said. Sagebrush also highlighted upgrades to its suite of data management and reporting products, including Viewpoint, a new data reporting tool that lets teachers and administrators break out student achievement data in their quest to boost student achievement.

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