In the T+L² exhibit hall, hundreds of educational technology companies were on hand to demonstrate the latest products and services for use in schools. Here’s a look at some of the innovations on display in the network administration category this year:

8e6 Technologies, a provider of internet filtering solutions and security appliances for threat monitoring, reporting, and remediation, unveiled a redesigned web site featuring an Internet Security Resource Center with an overview of the latest emerging internet security threats, white papers on topics such as “Use or Abuse: Why Your Company Needs a Web Policy,” information on acceptable-use policies and state and federal internet security compliance laws, and user success stories. “Effectively combating these internal internet security threats encompasses a three-fold approach involving enterprise user policies, user training, and dynamic network management systems,” noted Paul Myer, president and chief operating officer of 8e6 Technologies. “Our mission is to support our customers in creating a seamless flow in all three areas.”

Roving Planet showcased Intelligent Guest Access, an enterprise solution that allows different methods of network access and services and provides full reporting and auditing of guests’ time on a network. This security solution also offers authentication and access control so that guests can access critical network resources securely. Using a self-registration capability, guests’ accounts are closely tracked and can be limited or turned off if any misuse or attempted misuse of the network occurs.

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com Corp., showcased its Intrusion Prevention Systems for network security, which schools reportedly can purchase at a 20 to 90 percent discount using federal eRate funds. “The award-winning TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems are ideal network security solutions for schools and libraries,” said Greg Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing for 3Com’s TippingPoint division. “Right out of the box, our solutions protect networks from the latest vulnerabilities, worms, viruses, phishing attacks, and other threats, without complicated tuning or time-consuming management. We are pleased that, through the federal eRate program, more schools and libraries will have access to our advanced IPS solutions.” Libraries and schools interested in using eRate funds to purchase TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems can begin the process by filling out the eRate application for funding, Form 470, located on the Schools and Libraries Division web site

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