CiviConnections is a three-year teacher grant program funded by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service and National Council for the Social Studies. Students and teachers choose a current issue of concern or need in the local community, investigate the issue through their community’s history, and compare their local findings with what they have learned about the selected issue in our nation’s history. Students look at how the issue is impacted by one or more government documents, such as the Bill of Rights, and then design and conduct high-quality service-learning activities to work on the issue and strengthen their community. In addition, students will create a public display to educate the community and celebrate their collaborative service projects. Teachers will develop and adapt these activities based on their students’ interests and abilities, the needs or problems in the local community, and their local social studies curriculum requirements. A team of three teachers can apply for a $7,500 grant to cover their costs for attending a summer workshop, implementing the program during the fall of 2006, and attending the 2006 NCSS Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

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