Visitors to eSchool News Online are privy to a very special society. The Ed-Tech Insider at is an educator blog community dedicated to putting the promise of technology into practice. The site features 12 ed-tech professionals so passionate about enhancing learning through technology that they’ve agreed to share their expertise in a dialogue with eSN Online readers. Here’s a taste of some of the best Ed-Tech Insider posts in recent weeks. All of these posts are still active, so if you want to comment on any of them, simply visit the site to do so.

From “The Poetry Archive”

“I’m intrigued by online resources that bring something to the classroom that isn’t easily available through more traditional resources. Today I came across The Poetry Archive ( This archive is the result of an idea hatched by poet Andrew Motion (U.K. Poet Laureate in 1999) and recording producer Richard Carrington. In addition to recordings of poets reading their own work, there are special sections for teachers and students with lesson plan and activity ideas. A special Children’s Archive spotlights poetry for kids. It’s free!”

From “Releasing the Genie”

“Does anybody really think that once the $100 laptop ( genie is out of the bottle, there will be any way to keep it from taking over educational computing in the U.S.? I don’t necessarily mean the exact MIT-anointed version; we may end up using something slightly more capable and more expensive, but really, can you imagine standing in front of a school board meeting in four years and trying to justify spending six or eight hundred dollars a piece for bottom-of-the-line business laptops when others are getting rugged tablet/eBook/laptops at a quarter the price or less? … What percentage of presentations at NECC 2011 will be in some way based on or implemented with $100 laptops and their clones? I’d bet 25 percent.”

From “SuprGlu: Web Service for Combining Content from Many Sources”

“SuprGlu ( is a service that allows you to gather content from many sites and compile it into one web page. It can gather your content from popular web services and publish them in one convenient place. … I was thinking this would be an interesting way to create a multi-author web site or aggregate classroom project site. For example, I am teaching a class at Pacific University to pre-service teachers, and we have been exploring the use of several web services tools, including Flickr and I plan to use SuprGlu to create a class composite page that collects all the content from the student-created web logs, Flickr, and accounts … and combines them into a master page that collects all the content created during the course.”

From “ITIL: An enterprise planning framework”

“… It’s clear that schools don’t operate their IT systems like businesses, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Schools and businesses have different outcomes in mind. But at the same time, I recognize that schools have a lot to learn from large enterprises who have learned an enormous amount about how to build and maintain complex technology systems. The ITIL Toolkit ( is a comprehensive set of planning guides that are intended to help enterprises establish best practices. The Toolkit costs $199 and can be purchased from the web site. Given … what I’ve seen of the Toolkit online, I think that would be $199 well spent to make some significant improvements in a school’s IT department.”