Cisco Systems Inc. has joined forces with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) to introduce a new initiative conceived to increase women’s interest and participation in science and technology. Designed as a means of providing students, and especially female students, with information and guidance about how to pursue high-tech careers, this new digital library offers a variety of tips for encouraging young women to excel in math, computing, and technology, along with sample lesson plans for teaching computing to girls. The web site also houses information for students about interesting careers in technology, as well as details about local clubs, programs, and summer camps for girls interested in high-tech pursuits. As part of a larger Cisco program focused on increasing girls’ access to information technology (IT) training and career opportunities, the company says it is working with its Networking Academies worldwide to collect information on effective recruitment and retention strategies, with the goal of increasing female participation in computer science and other IT-related degree programs and careers.