LeapFrog SchoolHouse, the school division of LeapFrog Enterprises, has introduced a school-based version of the company’s popular Leapster system. Using multiple learning levels and a wide variety of activities, the new Leapster Portable Technology Center aims to help students in kindergarten through second grade master reading, math, spelling, and critical-thinking skills individually or in small-group instruction, LeapFrog said.

“The Leapster system is already used in homes across the country to reinforce important skills taught in school,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, president of LeapFrog SchoolHouse. “In response to great demand from teachers and parents, LeapFrog SchoolHouse has adapted the Leapster system for classroom use. The Leapster Portable Technology Center delivers engaging skill-building exercises on a cost-effective, screen-based technology platform.”

The Base Kit, which costs $849, includes five Leapster handheld units, headphones for quiet study, AC adapters, a power strip, and seven Leapster cartridges, which can support up to 21 students. Leapster cartridges deliver leveled skill practice in formats intended to engage students, with tutorials and structured hints for students, according to the company. The cartridges adapt to a student’s abilities, so the lesson never becomes too easy or too difficult. Cartridges also are erasable, allowing for use over many school years. In addition, the system includes 21 Student Practice Books that are directly connected to the cartridge content and provide additional practice, as well as opportunities to demonstrate mastery of skills.
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