Sonic Foundry has created a web site that enables users to watch expert presentations on literally thousands of topics at no charge. Called, the site is intended as a resource for journalists, educators, researchers, students, and just about anyone else looking for information on a variety of topics–everything from the treatment of contagious diseases, to Italian design, to virtual operating rooms. Users can search for information by keyword, and the clips all include audio, video, and rich presentation graphics. Users also can skip ahead to anywhere in the presentation with the click of a button. “ offers a glimpse into the future of web communications, where thousands of recorded presentations by experts of all kinds are captured, archived, and made publicly available, all from one centralized location,”Sonic Foundry said. “The content is easily accessible through any web browser, without the need for downloads or plug-ins.”At press time, the site included nearly 7,000 presentations created and submitted by universities, businesses, and government agencies. A search for the term “teaching”revealed 60 results, including presentations on formative assessment, teaching with online mentors, and best teaching practices for technology-enhanced learning.