Sagebrush Corp. , perhaps best known for its line of library automation software, has released a new data warehouse and management system for schools. Called Sagebrush Viewpoint, the solution expands the company’s family of information products to include new reporting capabilities and the ability to create Student Plans for special education, health, and academic improvement.

With Viewpoint, educators and administrators log in to a secure, customized web environment to gain access to up-to-date information, Sagebrush said. Only one sign-in reportedly is required to access all the available data from the software’s fully integrated suite of data analysis and reporting tools.

These tools include Student Plans, or pre-configured district, state, and federally compliant forms for Individualized Education Plans for special-education students; 504 plans for disabled non-special education students; student medical information plans; and Academic Improvement Plans for students needing targeted instruction to meet Adequate Yearly Progress. The program also allows educators to create evaluations, meeting notices, parent letters, and more, Sagebrush said.

Another Viewpoint feature is called Reports, through which users can get comprehensive, on-demand views into student performance through Class Reports for national, state, and local assessments, Student Summaries that show current schedules and grades over multiple years, and School Reports that reveal the breakdowns of student population by various sub-populations. This information is refreshed automatically on a district-based schedule, the company said. “Viewpoint takes our Analytics product and adds easy-to-use reporting tools and student education plan forms to it that allow teachers to use the data they might not necessarily know is at hand,” said Karen Mortensen, executive education consultant for Sagebrush. “We have already seen vast time savings in the districts that are rolling out Viewpoint.”

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