In recognition of Black History Month, Thompson Gale has launched a free web site full of historical facts and figures, biographies, web links, and teaching tools. The site is intended to help students, teachers, and families commemorate black history. Each week during February, Thompson Gale will post a new quiz to test knowledge of significant people and events. Weekly quiz winners will receive Thompson Gale books for their school library. Activities for all children, taken from Thompson Gale’s Black History Month Resource Book, are available on the site, arranged by age, and include art projects and games. The site’s “Biography” section includes figures such as Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, and Barak Obama. Each biography gives detailed information about some of the world’s most notable African Americans, including birth date and location, personal life and career, and avenues for further research. Books about the Civil War, slavery, civil rights leaders, and Malcom X also are referenced on the web site. A timeline takes visitors through nearly 400 years of black history and commemorates notable events such as Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery, the Thirteenth Amendment, and the abolition of slavery.