Each day more than 4,000 children try smoking, the percentage of kids who are overweight has nearly tripled in the last two decades, and health education budgets are being downsized, according to the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center, a nonprofit organization located in York, Pa. For these reasons, the center has launched LearntobeHealthy.org, a free, online health education resource designed to help teachers communicate important health concepts to students in grades K-6. The site’s health education programs include lesson plans, interactive games, group and self-directed activities, health assessments, and supplemental material. The program reportedly meets state and national health and technology standards. Simon, Tuffy Tooth, Cig Shady, and many other characters guide teachers and students through education kits that currently cover five specific health and science-related topics: the five senses, tobacco and inhalants, adolescence, dental health, and healthy eating. Each kit uses animation, graphics, and sound effects to make learning fun and contains up to 11 activities to introduce and/or reinforce concepts, presented in a variety of delivery methods to address diverse learning styles. Teachers also will have the opportunity to incorporate cross-curricular assignments in writing, math, and science, extending learning beyond the online activities.