The A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™)courseware program is an e-learning solution ideal for learningfacilities searching for more efficient ways to improve theirinstructional processes. The A+LS program consists of an instructional management system supported by core curriculum content for grades K–12 and Adult Learners delivered through a local or wide area network (Windows®, Macintosh®, Novell®, Linux®) or the Internet.

Theresearch-based curriculum content is available in the subject areas ofReading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Process Writing, andSocial Sciences, covering the areas extensively with over 5,000 lessons containing approximately 200,000 pages of instruction. With extensive management and reporting tools, educators and administrators control the learning process. Studentassessment tools are integral to the management system and educatorscan test students on national and state learning objectives, which areincluded in the software.

Learning is cumulative with A+LS.All curriculum builds on skills learned during the previous year. Thedelivery of the curriculum is consistent through all grade levels,using the direct instruction method that consists of studying thematerial, working practice exercises, taking a mastery test, andfinally showing assimilation of the information and skills through anessay exercise.

The scope of the curriculum offered, combinedwith the modular, building block design of the curriculum, integralauthoring tools, and powerful class/student management features makes A+LSa top choice for nearly 10,000 traditional schools, after-schoollearning programs, juvenile facilities, prisons, adult literacycenters, and more.

For more information about the A+nyWhere Learning System go to or call 800-222-2811.

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