AVerMedia Technologies, a digital multimedia and presentation technology provider, announced the release of the new AVerVision300p Portable Document Camera, which has a 3-megapixel resolution and an 8X digital zoom. The camera includes image capture capability and AVerVision PC Cam applications with the ability to capture and store up to 80 images directly to the internal memory or to a PC using a USB cable. http://www.aver.com/2005home/product/doccam/doccam.shtml

ePALS Classroom Exchange, a provider of secure eMail solutions for schools, announced an increase in assessment scores among students who used the company’s ePALS SchoolMail product for eMail letter-writing. According to the company, the fourth-grade students from Roseville Avenue Elementary School in Newark, N.J., showed a 30-point improvement on the New Jersey State Language Arts Literacy Test. ePALS said the same instructor used the same curriculum and goals to teach the lower-scoring students the previous year. The only difference, according to ePALS, was the inclusion of two weekly eMail exchanges with an ePALS peer classroom in Bologna, Italy. The company also conducted several teacher-training workshops in Newark to demonstrate and provide examples of how ePALS SchoolMail could be easily integrated with literacy projects and lesson plans. The company said Newark’s example suggests that students might be more motivated to do classroom assignments with a collaborative peer using eMail than for a teacher using pen and paper. http://www.epalscorp.com

PolyVision Corp. , a provider of visual communication products, demonstrated its recently launched Thunder Virtual Flipchart System. PolyVision said the flipchart system allows new possibilities for collaboration among groups and teams in which any data and information, in any format, can be communicated, stored, displayed, and organized–all captured on an unlimited, shared group canvas in real time. The group easel feature allows input and sharing of any media image, analog or digital, PolyVision said. Participants can use the feature to control functionality and jot notes and drawings onto a “page” with a stylus or finger. Multiple pages are projected onto the wall in high resolution, allowing all the information to remain visible to all participants. Participants can use point-and-click options to permit users from other sessions, classrooms, or even other countries to join a session, see all of the posted information, exchange data, and share ideas–regardless of their physical location. http://www.polyvision.com