Centurion Technologies, a producer of hard-drive and configuration-protection solutions, featured its CompuGuard CornerStone software. CornerStone is meant to maintain a computer’s critical configuration settings. The company says CornerStone protects against configuration setting changes by making them disappear upon reboot, enabling users to experiment without doing harm. The process also eliminates a number of maintenance issues, according to the company. It reportedly protects against viruses and enables web surfing that is safe from spyware and other malware designed to intrude upon user privacy and steal information. Centurion says the application takes up only a small amount of hard-drive space and improves workstation performance in the process. http://www.centuriontech.com

DerbyTech Inc. displayed its CIPAFilter, a network hardware appliance it says filters out unsafe and inappropriate content while still allowing access to legitimate web sites and other materials. DerbyTech claims its CIPAFilter blocks 95 percent or more of pornography, but never blocks informative sites such as a breast cancer research site, for example. The hardware reportedly also offers anti-spam and eMail services, virus protection, web-usage reporting, and other features. http://www.cipafilter.com

Fortress Grand Corp.’s Clean Slate, designed to protect public-access computers from malicious or inexperienced users, does not restrict users’ activities, but will automatically discard unwanted computer changes upon reboot or log off, the company says. Clean Slate restores the computer to its original configuration, discarding unwanted user changes such as erased files, installed software, and downloaded spyware. http://www.FortresGrand.com