Roving Planet Enterprise Solution for K-12

Roving Planet’s Wi-Fi management solution gives K-12 school districtscentralized power and control over their entire wirelessinfrastructure. Our enterprise-class products, Central Site Director® and AP Commander™,work together to solve the K-12 dilemma of how to manage and expanddistrict-wide network services within a tight budget and without extraIT staff.
The Roving Planet solution expertly handles thesechallenges and more. We offer world-class support to keep your districtwireless LANs up and running smoothly.
Roving Planet cost-effectively solves the top Wi-Fi deployment challenges for K-12 districts, including:

  • Securing and managing wireless LAN infrastructure from a central location
  • Authenticating and authorizing multiple users and device types, including guest users
  • Monitoring and managing all aspects of wireless network performance and uptime

TheRoving Planet solution takes the worry out of securing your network.Roving Planet’s Central Site Director can secure and manage your WLANwith both a global view of the infrastructure, securely allows multipleusers and device types onto your network, and, more importantly, allowsreal-time granular visibility and control down to a single user,device, and application. With Roving Planet’s centralized managementplatform, network administrators can swiftly adjust, enable, or denyaccess to network resources on a user, application or access pointbasis. This ensures the productivity and integrity of yourdistrict-wide network infrastructure.

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