Students and teachers now have free online access to more than 100 historic films, including old World War II newsreels and NASA documentaries, thanks to an agreement between internet search giant Google Inc. and the National Archives. Google has digitized the films through a pilot project announced Feb. 24. The non-exclusive agreement will allow scholars, researchers, and the general public to access a diverse collection of historic movies, documentaries, and other films from the National Archives via Google Video, as well as the National Archives web site. Highlights of the project include a representative selection of U.S. government newsreels from 1941-1945, documenting World War II; a sampling of documentaries produced by NASA on the history of the spaceflight program, including the story of Apollo 11–the historic first landing on the moon; and motion picture films, primarily from the 1930s, that document the history and establishment of a nationwide system of national and state parks–including early footage of modern Native American activities, Boulder Dam, documentation of water and wind erosion, Civilian Conservation Corps workers, and the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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