Teachers looking for internet resources in astronomy and biology will find many links and lessons at these two new classroom pages from the National Science Foundation (NSF) web site. From the astronomy page, teachers and students can follow links to learn about planets, amateur telescope making, black holes, and what astronomers really do. Students in grades 2-6 have access to hands-on astronomy activities, and students can visit a site that corrects myths and misconceptions about astronomy. Another link, to the Astronomy for Kids web site, lets visitors view images of the planets and learn about eclipses and constellations. NSF’s biology page offers links to lessons and resources to help teachers educate students about cells, biotechnology, genomics, slugs, tigers, paleontology, and more. Students can play interactive games on evolution and the animal kingdom, and a link to a site called Strange Science leads visitors through myths and explanations of why scientists thought the way they did, exploring various scientists’ accounts of sea monsters and dragons.

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