The Oracle Education Foundation (OEF), a sponsor of free online programs for primary and secondary education, has announced Version 4 of its web-based learning community. The foundation says its latest version of makes it easier for teachers to create and manage student accounts, flag and review content, and facilitate online collaboration and learning. Version 4, which was designed based on extensive teacher and student feedback, offers a new look and feel, including a new color scheme and wider pages to engage viewers immediately. The site features improved navigation, including three new main tabs–My Site, People, and Groups–so members can access site features more easily. New administrative functions allow teachers to manage their school community more effectively, making student content review much simpler and faster, according to OEF. The new version also lets schools choose whether to provide users with eMail accounts, as well as whether their students can interact within the site’s World community or just within their own school community. In addition, the site links to OEF’s sister program, ThinkQuest, which encourages student-created web sites in a competitive forum. OEF says Version 4 will be available for the first time in French and Portuguese, making available in eight languages.

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