Faculty at the University of Houston’s history department and College of Education have designed the “Digital History” web site to support the teaching of American history to K-12 students. The site includes an online textbook, annotated historical documents, and more than 70 interactive, inquiry-based modules. Students can view a timeline to see notable political, socio-economic, and cultural episodes in United States and world history. eXplorations, part of the site’s inquiry-based activity section, offer students the chance to delve deeper into such topics as the early Puritans. In that activity, students learn about symbols on gravestones and explore reasons why the Salem witch scare might have occurred. The history reference room gives users access to online encyclopedias, audio and visual resources, and historical newspaper articles. The page also leads users to a HyperHistorian, an expert who can help in finding the answers to questions related to materials found on the site. For teachers, there are free resource guides, lesson plans, and learning modules. Writing guides–including tips on how to write a history paper–also are provided.

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