The NSF Academies for Young Scientists (NSFAYS) program seeks to create, implement, evaluate, and disseminate effective and sustainable model projects for students and teachers. NSFAYS Projects should focus on contiguous grade bands, and simultaneously address the following three goals: increase student interest to pursue further study and potential careers in STEM disciplines through programs that stimulate motivation and provide rigorous learning experiences in out-of-school settings that complement school STEM programs; develop and/or deepen lasting partnerships that draw on financial and intellectual resources available to communities and that demonstrate the potential to sustain the project when NSF funding terminates; involve STEM teachers within relevant K-8 grade bands who can serve as the bridge between OST and classroom learning in STEM disciplines. The NSFAYS experience should expose teachers to new and varied instructional strategies, as well as strengthen their understanding of STEM content and processes in ways that have positive impacts on the learning of their students.

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