The Washington Post reports that blogs rule at Hunterdon Central Regional High thanks to the efforts of eSN Ed-tech Insider Will Richardson. Richardson was an English teacher for many years, but now is the school’s director of instructional technology. A pioneer educational blogger, he maintains a blog that is frequently cited by teachers as one of their favorites at:

Richardson first discovered the educational power of blogs in 2002 when his school incorporated “The Secret Life of Bees” into the curriculum. Richardson decided to set up a blog for students to discuss the book outside of class. To his delight, the students posted ideas as well as artistic interpretations. Then, he posted a blog for parents to join the discussion. Taking things even further, Richardson invited the book’s author to speak to the class and post a response on the blog… (Note: You can read all of Richardson’s posts to eSN’s “Ed-Tech Insiders” here.)