NetSupport School is a classroom instruction,monitoring and polling software tool that enables teachers to centrallytrain students in the computer lab, simply and effectively. Teacherscan easily demonstrate, monitor, quiz and interact with their studentsas a group or one on one.

With NetSupport School, instructorscan make sure that those in the computer lab are making progress ontheir assigned tasks, using only approved applications and visitingonly approved websites. Teachers and trainers can also record allscreen, keyboard and mouse activity on a student workstation to reviewlater or replay to the class. From the standpoint of increasinglystrapped school technology budgets, the software enables teachers tomake the most of the computer lab equipment they already have.

NetSupportSchool combines computer remote control capabilities withtesting/polling modules and application/web monitoring &restriction functionality. With NetSupport School, teachers candemonstrate applications in real time, show their screen to students’screens, create customized tests, manage application and web usage,monitor student progress, nominate group leaders, digitally send outand collect coursework, annotate the screen, perform online chat andmuch more.

New Version 9 is coming in May 2007! For Windows systems. Download a free trial today at or call 1-888-665-0808. Visit us in NECC Booth 2130 and ask about our special NECC educational promotion.

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