The New York Times reports that city schools have long banned cellphone use within school buildings. However, many parents say that schools without metal detectors have had an unofficial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, where phones are permitted, as long as they don’t ring during class. Cellphones are described as the urban parent’s “umbilical cord,” in that they allow them to connect with their children on the bus, as they emerge from subways, travel across the boroughs, etc. However, the city has begun random security searches at middle and high schools, which have set off a furor. One school search led to the confiscation of 129 cellphones, prompting some principles to send notes home with students, reminding parents that cellphones are not permitted. Parents counter that cellphones are the glue holding families together in NYC, given the hectic schedules, long treks to schools, and ever-increasing extra-curricular activities… (Note: This site requires free registration.)