Counterfeiters fake whole company

The New York Times reports that in 2004, managers of the Tokyo branch of the Japanese electronics manufacturer NEC received notice that pirated keyboards, CD, and DVD disks were for sale in both Hong Kong and Beijing. As a result, the company hired an investigator to track down the culprits. What they found was shocking. After a couple of years, and thousands of hours of investigation, they found that the pirates had been faking their entire company. The pirates used NEC’s company name, and copied their products. The thieves even developed their own range of consumer products and administered their own distribution line and manufacturing. NEC itself had received complaints about the counterfeit products–which admittedly, were of a pretty good quality. All told, approximately 50 products were counterfeited, from home entertainment systems, MP3 players, DVD players and more. Investigations showed that the counterfeiters carried NEC business cards, commissioned research and development, as well as signed production orders under the NEC name… (Note: This site requires free registration.)

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