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What began as a trickle is quickly turning into a flood. At eSchool News, we’re always striving for fresh and exciting ways to bring timely information to our readers, along with extra-value content you can’t get anywhere else. And our latest foray for bringing you this information is online video.

The addition of video reporting is an important step, because it’s one thing to read about something as seen through another’s eyes–but quite another to see it first-hand for yourself. Recently, we gave you a taste of things to come with on-site reporting from the Plaquemines Parish Schools in New Orleans. We simply could have described the dire circumstances there–but words don’t do justice to the gravity of the situation. Taken in conjunction, our print and video coverage complement each other to bring you a much more rich and insightful experience. Now, I’d like to tell you about more video content on the way at eSchool News Online.

One particularly compelling piece of video coverage is an interview with noted author and researcher Gerald Bracey at this year’s American Association of School Administrators annual conference in San Diego. At a time when the accepted belief is that U.S. students are losing ground to their counterparts in other nations, Bracey debunked some of the myths surrounding this belief. Still, he had some strong words of caution for the nation’s educators and policy makers: Our current focus on assessment is diverting attention from the creativity we need to foster in our students if we want to remain globally competitive.

Now, we could try to describe the energy of his convictions–or we could let you watch the video and judge for yourself. Personally, I think this interview not only dovetails nicely with our regular conference coverage, but it also provides some important food for thought for anyone in the education field. I highly recommend you check it out.

Another fascinating piece of video coverage is the roundtable discussion by our “Best of the Education Blog” Award winners at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in March. As someone who tracked the entries to our contest and is mesmerized by blogging’s growth and potential in education, it really is interesting to hear what the experts believe makes for an effective blog. Once you nail the basics, how do you take your blog to the next level? How do you not only get people to your blog in the first place, but get them to keep coming back? When people do come back, how to you shape and guide your budding community? Our award winners address these issues and more in a thoughtful and articulate discussion that makes for must-see viewing.

Finally, don’t miss our exclusive video interview with Chris Dede, the Timothy E. Werth Professor of Learning Technologies at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. In an exclusive interview with eSchool News, Dede expanded on the ideas he presented during a keynote session at FETC. He explained that the next decade will be key in shaping the U.S. economy for decades to come, because we are at the very beginning of a new global, knowledge-based economy. Hear what Dede had to say about what today’s students will need to be able to know and do to succeed in this new economy–and what schools can do to address these needs.

I suspect you’ll enjoy viewing this video content as much as we enjoyed producing it. From where I sit, these first-hand looks are both engrossing and informative, and we hope to bring you many more as the year progresses. You can access all of our video news coverage through the Media Arts Resource Center at eSN Online: New Educators’ Resource Centers

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