States struggle to computerize school records

The New York Times reports that almost every state is constructing high-tech data systems that collect and categorize student data such as attendance logs, test, scores, college applications, etc. However, some of these projects appear to have gone haywire. The North Carolina system known as NC Wise is very behind schedule–on the order of years, not months–and estimated costs have risen $250 million, garnering it the nickname “NC Stupid.” The state of California has spent $60 million on their own system, but an additional $60 million will be needed to connect to it. A private foundation in Idaho spent $21 million on a student data system, but has backed out of the project as costs soared to $180 million. These state initiatives are partially in response to the No Child Left Behind act, which requires the reporting of enormous amounts of student data. However, in many states, these systems are costing taxpayers millions of dollars… (Note: This site requires free registration.)

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