TeacherWeb Inc., a provider of web site templates for educators, recently announced that it has collected its ten thousandth WebQuest from contributing educators. As of press time, more than 3,300 of these WebQuests reportedly were available to teachers free of charge through a searchable index on the TeacherWeb site, with more being added each month. A WebQuest is a teaching tool designed by teachers that allows students to work together or individually on the web to complete a specific, open-ended research project. In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, students learn higher-order thinking, teamwork, internet, and presentation skills. WebQuests on math, science, art, foreign languages, literature, and much more are available through the TeacherWeb site. Teachers can search by subject, grade area, and keyword. The WebQuests begin with an introduction and present students with a task. Students then assume different roles in the WebQuest to tackle the task at hand.