Today’s students possess a strong desire to learn in a more hands-on, technology- infused way, a new study suggests. According to NetDay’s third annual “Speak Up” survey, students said they’d find math more engaging if teachers integrated more technology into their lessons. They also said they’d like to explore science through technology simulations, field trips, and CSI-like problem-solving exercises, rather than textbooks. Their biggest frustration: not being able to use technology how, when, and where they want in class.

When asked which subject they’d like better if they could use more technology, the most common response from students in all grade levels was math. This was just one of many trends revealed in the survey of 185,000 students and 15,000 teachers from all 50 states. For more survey results, see

What subject would you like better if you could use more technology? Grades K-2 Grades 3-6 Grades 6-12
Math 19% 28% 20%
English, Reading 15% 12% 16%
Social Studies 9% 10% 18%

15% 16% 17%

16% 10% 6%
Music 10% 8% 8%
Phys Ed 11% 15% 7%

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