The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) announces the expansion of the Toyota Family Literacy Program (TFLP) into additional cities that have experienced substantial growth in their Hispanic and other immigrant populations. NCFL will consider school systems that provide evidence of need for family literacy services and that can demonstrate the capability to deliver these services beginning in the fall of 2006. Interested applicants should begin now to identify school sites for the TFLP initiative that will focus on Hispanic students in grades kindergarten through third grade and their parents. The TFLP is currently being implemented in ten cities: Chicago, the District of Columbia, Los Angeles, New York City, Providence, Chelsea (Boston), Detroit, Shelby County (Ala.), Denver, and Santa Paula (Calif.). TFLP program development includes: Adult Education/ESL; Childrens Education; Parent Time; and Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time. These services will be offered in three qualifying elementary schools in each school district selected. NCFL will apply its expertise in designing programs that connect families, schools and communities to expand family literacy services in Hispanic/Latino communities.

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