Teachers of geography, economics, political science, sociology, and a host of other disciplines are likely to appreciate NationMaster, a massive online database of information on countries around the world. Compiled from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, NationMaster is much more than just a repository of useful statistics; teachers and students can use the site’s free tools to generate maps and graphically compare nations across thousands of statistical categories–everything from oil consumption, to Olympic medals, to confirmed human deaths from avian flu. The site’s Education section features links to several GeoLabs, or free classroom activities that provide educators with easy-to-follow guidelines for teaching with its data. Its founder, self-described “stat geek” Luke Metcalfe, also has created a similar site, called StateMaster, that allows users to graph, plot, map, and correlate more than 2,600 different statistics on U.S. states–from the number of bookmobiles in a state to the number of race-related hate crimes.

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