Promethean Launches First Free Collaborative Web Portal Designed Specifically to Help K-12 Educators Make the Best Use of Interactive Learning Technologies

(Atlanta, Ga.–July 5, 2006)–Promethean, a global leader in interactive learning technology, has launched Promethean Planet, the first free collaborative Web portal designed specifically to help K-12 educators, administrators and parents maximize the use of interactive learning technologies. The site can be found at

Designed to be a comprehensive online source for educators, Promethean Planet provides a searchable wealth of information to help educators maximize the use of interactive technology in the classroom. These high-quality resources include detailed maps, scientific diagrams and graphic organizers have also been incorporated in various formats.

Searchable lessons–created by teachers–organized by grade and subject, videos, and weblinks are ready to download for use with Promethean’s award-winning Activstudio and Activprimary lesson-development software. Best practices are highlighted in the monthly “Teacher Feature” that will focus on how educators are optimizing teaching with interactive technology in their classrooms.

“Most teachers don’t have the time to go hunting for resources to develop their lessons,” said Promethean USA President Mark Elliott. “Promethean recognizes this. Our goal with Promethean Planet is to ensure that teachers have thousands of resources at their fingertips, yet can easily drill down to access just the ones they need.”
Promethean Planet features an online forum where teachers can interact with other teachers and share experiences and lesson materials. Comprehensive professional development takes teaching and learning to a new level, so students can get the most out of the complete classroom delivery system. Online technical support from Promethean is also available.

Promethean Planet supports Promethean’s Activclassroom, which helps increase learning through student engagement. With Activclassroom, teachers have thousands of standards-based resources at their fingertips as an integral part of the award-winning Activstudio lesson development software. Student centered lessons take place on Activboard interactive whiteboards. Full class participation is provided through handheld Activote formative assessment devices.
Registration, membership and access to the online resources and forum at Promethean Planet is free to all administrators, educators, teachers, and even students. For further information on Promethean Planet, visit the site at

About Promethean

Promethean is a global leader and innovator in interactive learning technology that empowers teachers to engage, educate, assess and motivate learners. Developed by and for education professionals, its award-winning products help teachers to prepare digital lessons quickly and easily. The technology enables them to create, customize and integrate text, images, quizzes and tests, web, video and audio content, so they can more easily capture students’ attention and accommodate different learning styles.
Promethean’s headquarters are in Blackburn, in the United Kingdom. In the US, it is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its products are distributed through a global network of partners and inspire millions of learners in more than 70 countries. For more information, visit

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