Promethean Releases Assistive-Technology Pointing Device Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Special Needs and Primary Education Students

(Atlanta, Ga.–July 5)–Promethean, a global leader in interactive learning technology, has released Activwand, a new device designed specifically to engage special needs and primary education students.

The Activwand complements Promethean’s Activpen as another means to interact with the Promethean Activboard. Because the 21inch Activwand makes it easier for special needs students and primary learners to reach and touch the Activboard interactive whiteboard, it enhances pupil engagement with the lesson and develops motor skills.

Promethean understands the importance of providing solutions that work for special needs students and young learners,” said Lupita Knittel, director of product management for Promethean. “Creativity, collaboration and physical engagement are core to a child’s learning experience; we want to make it easier for all students.”

“The wand offered easier reach to manipulate all whiteboard areas of flipcharts/interactive websites. I used my judgment when using the whiteboard to decide whether the stylus or wand was a better choice for a particular activity. It was nice to have both.” Said Anna Judd, Special Education Teacher at Forsyth County School District, Georgia. “And with the Activwand, even the youngest of students or those with special needs are able to participate.”

Promethean also offers Activprimary, the leading whiteboard software designed specifically for use in primary schools and kindergarten.

Activprimary’s unique interface has large, easy-to-use tools located at the bottom of the screen, allowing young learners to more easily interact with activities on the Activboard. Special teacher tools on the top of the screen and a huge resource library make lesson development quick, easy and fun.

Promethean’s Activclassroom helps increase learning through student engagement. Teachers have thousands of standards-based resources at their fingertips as an integral part of the award-winning Activstudio lesson development software. Student centered lessons take place on Activboard interactive whiteboards. Full class participation is provided through handheld Activote formative assessment devices. Comprehensive professional development takes teaching and learning to a new level, leveraging the complete classroom delivery system.

The battery-powered Activwand is available immediately.

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