Computer security/filtering

8e6 Technologies, a provider of appliance-based internet filtering, internet monitoring, and reporting solutions, offered its R3000 web filtering solution this year at NECC. The R3000 is a one-stop filtering solution that 8e6 says addresses all the concerns of internet-assisted learning, in addition to integrating easily in any existing network infrastructure. The company says the R3000 frees IT managers from the constant requirement to manage filtering and reporting functions. R3000 is a single appliance with all the hardware and software to lock down Google and Yahoo SafeSearch so students cannot disable the safe-mode functionality. The device recognizes and filters a comprehensive range of internet protocols, including URL and IP addresses, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, and NNTP (newsgroups). It can also be programmed to trigger on a wide range of file types, including MP3, JPEG, and MPEG. 8e6 says the device combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to ensure comprehensive, up-to-date coverage. High-speed utilities collect web sites around the clock, so there’s virtually no chance a URL that should be blocked gets by, the company says. As a result, 8e6 has built a database of several million sites, organized into 90 categories. IT and security managers are permitted to add or delete sites as needed. The company says IT managers can gain access to all the functionalities of the web filter from any PC on their network through a browser-based graphical user interface.

8e6 also released the results of a new study it sponsored concerning, the popular social networking site. The study uses the experiences of IT directors, administrators, educators, and parents to help school decision makers make decisions about the use of social networking sites in schools as well as to understand better their appeal to teens.

8e6 also announced the availability of its new endpoint filtering solution, 8e6 Client, for the K-12 field. 8e6 says the laptop filtering solution provides the same internet security capabilities as its core network solution, ensuring consistency of protection both in and outside the network. As more K-12 schools offer laptops for students to use at hhome, endpoint filtering is a new requirement to make certain children are equally protected from inappropriate content, dangerous web sites, and chat rooms when they are using the laptop in all environments.

NetSupport, a maker commercial software packages to manage and support Local and Wide Area Computer Networks, was on hand to showcase the release of its NetSupport Protect product. The desktop security solution and software package provides systems administrators with increased control over their networks by preventing users from exploring, changing, or damaging their Windows operating systems, installing unauthorized software, deleting important files, or otherwise causing problems for the network. “Institutions looking to securely manage their desktops can now prevent malicious or accidental damage to their desktop environment rather than having to repair damage after the fact, which would cost more, take more time, and disrupt the network more,” said Marcus Kingsley, group sales and marketing director for NetSupport. “NetSupport Protect gives IT departments and administrators or managers peace of mind, reduces time spent putting out network ‘fires,’ and helps safeguard the institution’s technology investment.” Available fully localized in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, NetSupport Protect can hide files and folders, lock control panels and settings, prevent renaming and deletion of files or folders, prevent file creation by type of file, restrict internet downloads and control access to USB devices, and CDR or DVD drives, the company said.

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