Virtual schooling

AMDG Inc., a provider of online courses for education and training institutions, and AOL@SCHOOL, a provider of online resources for teachers and students, announced a partnership to deliver online high school courses. The partnership gives students a new way to complete their U.S. high school education, obtain a diploma, take advanced placement courses, or prepare for higher education. Users will access courses via the AOL@SCHOOL homepage. AMDG will offer courses in the key subjects of language arts, mathematics, foreign languages, social sciences, and science; AP courses will be taught in American history, calculus, human geography, macroeconomics, environmental science, physics, and more; and elective courses include criminal evidence, computer applications, communication skills, and intro to design.

Connections Academy, a provider of district-funded virtual public schools, offered information on its program. Connections Academy is committed to making certified teachers central to the learning process, the company said. According to its 2005-06 parent survey, about 97 percent of parents with students in the program were pleased with the quality of teachers staffing its virtual programs. Specifically, parent respondents praised the responsiveness, accessibility, and professionalism of the academy’s teachers. The organization said highly rated teachers were a key factor in the program receiving an overall rating of “A” or “B” from parents. Connections Academy also offered information on how its Personalized Learning Plan program adapts the curriculum to the specific needs of each learner, offering a fully integrated, challenging, and proven system along with additional materials based on state and local standards.

The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) launched its Virtual School Administrator (VSA) performance management system. The system is designed to meet the needs of organizations providing online learning opportunities to students. VSA was developed to provide program administrators with the tools they need to effectively manage the successful operation of an online learning program. In creating VSA, FLVS says it has built a comprehensive solution for tracking overall performance through monitoring activities in four areas: student performance and data management; student registration and enrollment management; role-based reporting; and communications. The performance and data management tool permits what FLVS calls a “comprehensive information collection infrastructure” that enables administrators to monitor teacher performance, observe teaching techniques, and generate near real-time progress reports.

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