Search engine giant Google Inc. continues to expand its suite of options for schools and teachers. The company’s latest online offerings include a new web site for teaching Shakespeare and a search tool for scouring government web sites. Part of Google’s efforts to expand its evolving Book Search feature, the Shakespeare resource allows U.S. users to browse through the full texts of his 37 plays. Readers can even plug in words, such as “to be or not to be” from Hamlet, and immediately be taken to that part of the play. Introduced in conjunction with Google’s sponsorship of New York’s “Shakespeare in the Park” series, the site also provides links to related scholarly research, internet groups, and even videos of theater performances of Shakespeare plays. The second site–called U.S. Government Search–aims to be a “one-stop site for searching the web sites of government agencies.” Google engineers say the site eventually could challenge such government-sponsored sites as in helping to provide web surfers, including researches and students, with a means to more easily find information on government web sites. The search engine also will deliver information from commercial sources such as the Washington Post and CNN.