From the folks at America Online (AOL) comes a free, kid-friendly web site, KOL Expeditions, designed to give kids, parents, and teachers a platform to make learning fun through interactive missions, video content, and other activities. The program’s goal is to encourage and excite elementary-aged kids about science, math, and technology in a fun and engaging environment, and to expose them to careers in science and related fields. KOL Expeditions will take kids on a virtual dive to explore some of the greatest mysteries of the ocean. Kids can explore ancient volcanoes off the coast of Greece, view the wreckage of the Titanic, and discover the “language” of dolphins through a series of live webcasts and other interactive content. The third expedition, “Dolphin Communication,” will take place in mid-August. All three expeditions will be available on demand on the KOL web site. Additionally, KOL and AOL@SCHOOL will provide career videos about different fields of study in science and other complementary learning materials.

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