(Calgary, Alberta–July 5)–SMART Technologies Inc. announces the launch of the SMART Software Accreditation Program. The program aims to identify and mark content and software based on its level of compatibility with and customization for SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART’s family of products. Accreditation will enable customers to confidently purchase software and content from third-party developers to complement SMART’s interactive whiteboards and family of products. As the global education market leader in interactive whiteboards, SMART is working with software and content companies to ensure their offerings meet customer expectations for compatibility. The program will designate content and software according to a three-tiered logo framework, and companies in the program will be authorized to use one of these logos on their software or content packages.

Software developers and content providers are creating a wide range of resources specifically designed for and integrated with SMART products. The SMART Software Accreditation Program has three accreditation levels designated as Ready, Enabled and Select. The accreditation designation indicates the level to which the content or software has been enhanced or customized for use on SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive pen displays. Additionally, a number of the content developers will provide samples of their materials (either Macromedia Flash files or images) for inclusion in the Gallery in Notebook software, the whiteboarding application in SMART Board software.

“Educators and business people around the globe continue to choose SMART for our quality products,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s president and co-CEO. “The SMART Software Accreditation Program will direct customers to additional resources, curriculum-based programs and digital content so they can get the most from SMART’s collaborative learning products.”

About SMART Software Accreditation Levels


This is the basic accreditation level for an application or content product, indicating that SMART Technologies Inc. has approved the software title for suitable performance with SMART products.


Products at this level meet the requirements of the Ready level and are integrated with SMART Board Tools. The integration provides more interactivity because it takes advantage of features like SMART Ink Aware to make the product easier to use with SMART products.


Products at this level meet the requirements of the Enabled level and contain content designed specifically for Notebook software.

Level One (Ready) already boasts 11 relationships with software developers and content providers (including 2Simple USA, BrainPOP, Cabrilog, Core Learning, Daydream Education, Discovery Education, McDougal Littell (a division of Houghton Mifflin Company), Math Resources Inc., Plato Learning, Texas Instruments and Tom Snyder Productions: A Scholastic Company) representing 36 titles,. There is no charge for software developers or content providers to participate in the program at the Ready Level.

Tools and Resources

SMART provides participants wishing to develop to the Enabled level with development tools for several popular application and content development environments. The SMART Board Software Development Kit for C++, C# and Java provides access to SMART Ink Aware functions such as SMART Board contact events and pen tray events. The SMART Development Kit for Macromedia Flash includes SMART Ink Aware components, aggregation libraries to identify how Macromedia Flash content communicates with Notebook software and a development environment with debugging and testing tools to execute and test content.


All software titles accredited by SMART can be purchased directly from accredited vendors and an online listing of all accredited titles will be available from SMART in September. For more information regarding the Software Accreditation Program e-mail

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